AMF Art Fair FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions    

  1. I participated last year. Do I have to submit again?
    YES. You must submit every year in order to participate.

  2. Can I share a display space with a friend or collaborator?
    YES. Artists may share display space. However, each individual artist must submit their artwork and be selected by the committee of jurors. This assures that the quality of all the artwork on display meets the standards of the selection committee.

  3. We are a club or organization of artists. How do we submit?
    Follow the regular submission process. When uploading the first three images, choose images of artworks that represent the club or organization as a whole. The forth image should still be an image of your club’s or organization’s artwork on display.

  4. I make (fill in the blank). Can I submit?
    SURE. The AMF art fair accepts original artwork and fine crafts. All mediums are considered including but not limited to: painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, graphic design, drawing, video/media arts, ceramics, glass, fiber art, jewelry. The jurors on the AMF artist selection committee accept work based on artists merit and quality of craft.
    Live painting and other types of live or performative artmaking is cool too.

  5. Do I have to sell my artwork?
    NO. It’s totally ok to just exhibit your artwork.

  6. Does AMF take a percentage of my sales?
    NO. Artists keep 100% of sales. Artists are responsible for collecting and paying the applicable California Sales Tax.

  7. What is provided by the festival?
    Artists are provided with a 10’x10’ outdoor space, one folding table, two folding chairs, and an audience of over 3,000 people.

  8. I’m under 18 years old. Can I participate?
    YES. Artists under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (18 or over) during the entire length of the festival (4:00-9:00 p.m.) and during the set-up time before the festival (1:00-3:00 p.m.). The signature of a parent/guardian is required on the Participation Agreement

  9. When the online form says to submit an image of my artwork on display, what does that mean?

    Two examples of an image showing your artwork on display:

    - An image showing several of your artworks hanging on a wall together (like in a gallery show or in your studio).
    - An image showing your artwork (like jewelry or sculpture) together in a display case, or on a pedestal or table.

  10. Do I have to display/sell the same artwork in the photos I submit?
    NO. You do not have to display/sell the exact same artwork that you submit. However, the artwork that you submit should be very similar to the artwork you display/sell. Any false or misrepresentation of artwork may result in being asked to leave the art fair and ineligibility to participate in the future.

If you’re interested in participating in AMF as a vendor selling merchandise that does not fall into the realm of “original artwork and fine crafts” contact:

Iwona Contreras:

Please read the AMF Art Fair Participation Agreement (Policies and Procedures) for more information or contact the AMF Art Fair Coordinator:

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